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Two New Vids

First up is Don't Run On Automatic:

My catch-phrase/tagline these days is "Don't run on automatic; please...think." It seemed reasonable to make a video specifically addressing that point, so I made this one asking people whether facts, reason, and evidence meant anything to their thinking process, or whether they simply went with what felt right, regardless of whether it truly was.

Next up is God - The Show and Tell Deity:

This one addresses the completely chowderheaded theist notion that, because we can't know everything, we can't deny that god exists since he could be out there somewhere we haven't seen. The counter, of course, being that if god is that damn hard to find...where did religion come from? Either god shows the heck up from time to time, or religion is just one big game of Make-Believe™...pick one.

Enjoy! And subscribe to my channel, if you like what I do:
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